Research and Development

R&D programs

R&D on materials and nanotechnologies, surface engineering and surface treatments, development of refractory materials.

Analitycal facilities

Micro and macrostructural analysis on materials, study and optimization of functional and mechanical properties. Performance evaluation on refractories, fracture analyses, thermographic, mechanical, high temperatures tests.

Rapid prototyping by additive and subtractive.

Salentec produces and sells advanced materials, such as zirconia toughened alumina, zirconia for dental and non-dental applications. Salentec is able to manufacture very complex components by computerized numerical control (CNC).

Salentec produces high temperature furnaces and scientific equipment

Thanks to the partnership established with other companies, Salentec develops and manufactures high temperature heat treatment systems (up to 2200°C) and scientific equipments for the thermal treatments of materials.

Other services

Consultancy on new materials and industrial technological processes, 3D solid modeling and development of new prototypes, consultancy and market surveys.

Special small scale productions and production of customized scientific instruments

We produce and sell prototypes and first series of components and devices in technical ceramics, technopolymers, thermostructural composites.


We develop and produce materials for the dental sector: alumina, zirconia and ZTA, millable ceramics, ceramic composites for prostheses and implants.


We perform micro and macrostructural analyses, fracture analyses, thermographic, thermo-mechanical, chemical-physical at high temperatures.

Prototypes and processes

  • CNC machining
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Glass processing

Advanced mechanical design

  • Dimensional control services
  • CAD design
  • Reverse Engineering

Analytical services

  • Thermomechanical characterizations
  • Microstructural characterizations
  • Thermography
  • Technological trials

Via Monteroni, 147 - 73100 Lecce

+39 0832 351142


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